Sunday, 3 December 2017

A gift guide for your significant other FT. CaseApp

As Christmas is getting closer and closer every day, a gift guide for your significant other, no matter their gender will be something useful for me to share with you because sometimes, I totally understand that this, my friend, is one of the most difficult things on the planet. Especially when your other half has EVERYTHING, ever.

All my suggestions however are going to be something that will require you to learn a little bit more about your other half's likes and dislikes. This will be challenging but fun!

A board game

You can never go wrong with a board game around Christmas season because what a better way to get the family around the table together?! Other than finding out what sort of games your partner like or dislike, you will also be able to save this game for other celebrating seasons, and of course, parties!

A book

A book is a very generous gift, well, in my opinion anyway. Although this require a little bit of research, you may know of your partner's interest or something that your partner may be seeking an answer for. A book is a gift that can never go wrong when it comes to the interest of a person or something they have been meaning to seek an answer for for a while.

An experience

No matter what season or celebration, an experience can never go wrong. There are so many options to choose from with this. Your partner may have been meaning to have done something for a long time but they could never find the time or the budget to. Well, this my friend, will be a good option for them because often they will have an expiry date. The expiery date in itself will make sure that the gift receiver will make time for it before it expires otherwise it will be a waste of a gift!

A personalised phone or laptop case

As you may already know, I have been a huge fan of CaseApp since I first collaborated with them. CaseApp is an online store where you can design a phone case or laptop case of your own design or choose a design that they have to offer. I always chosen the designs that they had to offer, usually, but in my previous collaboration with them, I actually made my own design. Personalising pictures and memories on to a phone or laptop case will be a sweet gift because its going to be something memorable and unique. You don't just have to put pictures of you two together. What I did for my boyfriend was he couldn't find a phone case in a design that he likes and I got that for him! Now he will love me more than ever because I have made the impossible possible! 

Use the code BOLLIANA20 for 20% off your whole purchase at CaseApp

Please keep it in mind that this isn't just for your significant other, obviously. It can be for anyone you love that you are going to be gifting them during the joyful season! 


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