Sunday, 19 November 2017

I have an exciting news to share with you & a mini haul

Oh hello! Guess who has been spending more money than they should be spending again?! I realised that I have not done a haul for a while so I thought why not do one now! 

Without me rumbling on about things that don't matter, lets get right into what I have been caught guilty of buying! 

In the picture above, you obviously see a Kindle, so yeah, about three weeks ago I bought a Kindle. I had another kindle before that I normally always use but the battery was a disaster hence why I started buying hard copy books again. I started buying a lot more books recently so I thought you know what, about time I invest in another one because I love reading! 


Well, guess who cannot pass by a shop that has sales written all over it? I spent a while in this shop that has '3 for 2' written all over it. I tried so hard to not buy a thing that I literally walked in and out, then walked back in again. Yep. I did. Me. For sure.

The last haul I have for you is a project planner that I designed myself and sent it for print. I designed this because I love writing everything I need to do down. To me, what is not written doesn't get done so I designed this. It is also on my Etsy listing! If you use the code '20BE2017' to get 20% off your order.

The big news! 
I finally launched Blossom Empire's Blog and Podcast! Blossom Empire is something that I created when I was lost and found myself through it. It was created because I knew I had more to offer. It was created because I know there are a lot of people out there who are in the same position as me. It was created because I want to help those who has more to offer give it their all to chase after their dreams and live the life they desire! I have now found myself and now I want to help others! 

Blossom Empire has a Podcast, a blog, a resources library (currently creating), and programs (currently creating). All of these will help you discover yourself, put together a brand, and sell your service as a product! Stay tuned for more... mean while,you can sign up to the mailing list to get exclusive deals, tips & tricks, and content updates stright to your inbox! Once Blossom Empire has fully launched with programs, etc. I will send over a password for access to the resources library! 

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