Thursday, 19 October 2017

Hey, I'm Bolly and I love stickers Feat.#Stickerapp

If you are my friend or have been reading my blog for a long time then you should know me well by now that I adore everything stationary, stickers, and etc. If you lost me in the mall, you know where to find me - yep.

I was very excited when I was approched by Stickerapp because I had the opportunity to design my own stickers on thier website. I worked with their sister company before, Caseapp, hence why I am happy to work with them again. A gift voucher was gifted to me for £40 and I was able to go crazy on their website and do my own thing.

I designed one for myself, one for my friend Jeannie, one for my boyfriend Owen, and one for something I have been working on since July and the launch is so soon and I'm so excited to share with you so soon!

There are designs that I have always wanted but could never find it anywhere but this was a perfect opportunity for me to get the stickers I want at the comfort of my own bed with all the designs that I have always wanted. I could literally cutomise anything into a sticker but they also had some cute designs which I also used.

Stickerapp has also been very generous to be giving away to my readers £25 worth of stickers on anything you want. You can go absolutely crazy with it like I did :)

To enter the giveaway just head over to my Instagram and follow me and also don't forget to follow Stickerapp as part of the giveaway entry.

Winner will be announced on the 20th November 2017! I will be checking the instagram follows on mine and Stickerapp's just to ensure you've followed the rule! Comment in my picture on Instagram so I know you've entered!

Good luck!

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