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How to live a stress-free life (declutter your life)

Imagine trying to focus on doing a certain task at your best ability but your mind is elsewhere, it will only waste your time because you will not achieve the best result in whatever you trying to do because your mind is too busy thinking about something else. This blog post will be linked to a youtube video, '11 tips to live a stress-free life (decluttering your mind).' It is created for the purpose of helping you focus 100% on any tasks that you have to do to achieve your goals. Goals are an important part of life and should be taken seriously. What your goal is today is most likely to be close to what your life will be like in a few years time depending on what your goals are and the deadline you give it. Do your best today and you will have a better tomorrow. Let's get started with the list:

Clean your contacts

Who you have in your contact should be people who are making an impact on your life and people who are important to you. People who support you, your dreams, and your goals. Get rid of contacts that will be in the way of your success such as those who will have bad-influence on you and those who don't support in what you do, remember not everyone has to understand what you are doing in order to achieve your goals because the only person that should understand that is you and nobody else. This will not be easy but the future is yours to make and you have to be selfish if you want the best result. 

Do one thing at a time

Sometimes I am guilty of this. Having a lot of things on my to-do list and trying to multitask. Many leadership podcasts that I have been listening to mostly advice to make a to-do list and make time for everything that you have to do. Focus on one task at a time, give it your 100% in the time frame that you have set yourself if the task isn't done within that time frame, move on to your next task, stick to your schedule, and reschedule that in again for the next day. This way, whatever the final result is, you know that you have definitely done your absolute best at that task. 

Simplify your schedule

Imagine being a person a long list of things to do in a day. The last thing you want is to be behind schedule. A tip to avoid being behind your schedule is to create a sub to-do list under each task that you have to do. This way, you will not waste your time on thinking about what you have to do. You will also not be forgetting to-do things because you wrote it down whilst it was fresh in your mind and dedicate that scheduled time towards taking action rather than just thinking and getting nothing done as a result.  

Be active

I find just sitting in the same spot doing nothing gives me less motivation and makes me feel emotionally draining. To get my day started off well, I usually clean my room because I prefer to work in a nice, fresh, and clean environment. This will also wake my sleepy muscles up and motivate me to work harder in nice working space. Some people don't mind working in a messy environment but that is definitely not my cup of tea. By being active I don't just mean cleaning the house, obviously. It can also be exercise, getting some fresh air from a walk, or anything else that you can think of to help you be active to start your day. 

Develop one healthy habit a month

When you are working on your goals, this is you working on yourself for a better future. Let's admit this together, I have a bad habit, so do you, and so does everyone else in this world. Sometimes to achieve your goals you have to change the way you do certain things in life and this can be done through the change of habits such as waking up earlier, going to sleep on time, eating healthy, eating on time, and many more things you can think of. Don't try to change all in one go because is going to be impossible and once you fail once, you will just give up altogether. Give yourself the time to change that habit but of course, have the deadline because otherwise you will have your whole lifetime to change this and it will never be done. Once you have mastered one habit into your routine, you can move onto the next habit because the previous habit that you have adapted to your everyday life has already become a part of your normal routine. 

Give yourself a break

I'm sure you've heard of this, "work hard, play hard," so do I really have to explain this to you?! If you've put 100% into your day and did 99.99% of the things you've planned to do, give yourself some reward at the end of the day so you have the motivation each day to do it again. Maybe order a takeaway, catch up with your favourite series, take yourself out to the cinema, maybe take a break from work for one evening. You can reward yourself however you want - maybe weekly basis because it will make you feel more satisfied and proud of yourself for being the best you throughout the week. 


This means everything in your life from your clothes, belongings, to your social media accounts. What's worst than you sharing the most personal thing on facebook and someone you just once stepped a shadow of in high school knows everything about you? With clothes, I usually just give it to charity because it helps towards a good cause. With belonging, I usually just put it in a box in storage so it's nowhere near my working space as I don't need it to be a distraction. With social media, I just go around seeing who deserve to know about my life and who doesn't because people talk. 

Be early

I never thought I would say this being a university student but being early has helped me get more things done in a day. It helps be create a habit of going to bed early and waking up early. This means that as well as getting everything done in a day that I have planned to do, I have also been getting enough sleep. 

Simplify your finances

If you are loaded this doesn't apply to you, so please move on to the next point. Having a budget is a good way to control yourself in your spendings and also helps you save money. As a student, my budget is very limited but I wouldn't like this to limit what I do so I plan everything out. I plan out my monthly payments, weekly food shopping, anything else that I spend money on, how much I have left and how much of that I want to save. This way, I wouldn't have to worry about what I can and cannot afford because I have already gone through my whole yearly budget and knows what is okay and what isn't. Either way, I still have some money left for emergencies if needed and still, could afford everything else. 

Enjoy yourself everyday

If you don't enjoy what you do perhaps you should think about why you are doing it. At the end of the day, your goal should only be doing something to make you happy as a final result but if this wasn't it, re-define it. If you MUST do it to be where you want to then perhaps research for an alternative way of doing it so you can enjoy yourself. As much as you want something, remember your health physically and mentally matters more than anything.

Learn to accept all situations

The faster you accept that life is life, good and bad things will happen, take all good things as blessings and mistakes as lessons because what else would you learn from? Mistakes teach you to learn about what was wrong and how you can make it right. Give yourself the time to be sad a think about what you can do to make that better next time. Of course, celebrate all the good things because you deserve it!

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