Monday, 14 August 2017

HOW TO: Live the life you want through defining your goals and find your purpose

If you want to be in a different place in the future to where you are now, goals are needed to plan the routes to your final destination. If it's unplanned and not written down, they may just be a dream. Anyone can dream of having a house, a job, or a business, and the list goes on but how many people do you think want those bad enough they plan every step of the route to reaching that destination? You may say, "I want to be successful" but what exactly does successful mean to you and what exactly does it consist of? This blog post is going to help you figure that out, along with a worksheet to help you define your goals which will take you to your successful destination.

Wanting to be successful without a goal is just a wish. If you want to get somewhere but has no clue on how to get there then the process will either be slower or you just won't get there at all. This is why defining your goal comes into play. You define your meaning of success (where you want to be in 1 year, 3 years, or five years) the timescale is entirely your choice, know what your success consist of, make the actions plans that will help you achieve those goals within a time frame that you set for yourself. If your goal has no time frame then you will leave it because you have no deadline for that but if you have a time frame of when you should achieve it by then you are more likely to achieve it sooner as you will feel the priority to meet your deadline.

Points to think about when defining a goal

  • Where EXACTLY do you want to be in a few years time? Set a long term goal first by making a list of your desired destinations then break them down into small doable goals. 
  • Does it require any budget - do you have them? If not, how are you going to get them?
  • SMART - Is it specific enough that can help you plan your routes towards the goal? Is it measurable so you can see how far you are from achieving it? Is it achievable? Is it a realistic and relevant goal? And can you give yourself a timely target to achieve it?
  • Have accounatability - where you can see and track your progress. 

If you don't define your goals, you will never get to live your dream life because you don't know what it takes to get there. By defining your goals, it will give you a clarity of what exactly you want to achieve at your final destination and what are the actions required to get to your final destination. Goals and dreams are different. A dream is a thought of your ideal life and where you want to be but if you have plans to achieve them and know how to get there then that's a goal. Dreams are in your head and goals are written down.

Below, you can download a free worksheet that I have created to help you define your goals. I am where I am today at the age of 22 because I wrote everything I want down when I was 16 and planned actions on how to get there within a set time frame where each small actions had deadlines. In fact, I am in a better place than I planned it out to be so if I can do it, so can you!

I'm ready to start Blossomming my Empire!


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