Sunday, 6 August 2017

Discovering myself whilst in Belgium

I have been in Belgium for nearly a month now for my internship and it has been the best decision I have ever made. When I was applying for the jobs, my aim was to just apply for everywhere and hope to get one. The last thing on my mind was getting an internship abroad but when I applied for this company that I currently work for, during that night, I remember being spontaneous with life so I just went for it. A week later I got the job. After getting the job boy I was nervous and shocked at the same time because I have been to so many interviews and I was unsuccessful and all of a sudden I got this job, ABROAD?! I don't usually get this lucky when it comes to these sorts of things but I thought, there must be a reason behind everything and the thoughts going through my mind were:

  • I'm going to be living in a country I don't know the language of, an opportunity for me to improve some language skills.
  • I'm going to have some time away from everything and the same old environment. 
  • I'm going to work on myself 
  • Give me a break from England and hopefully find and discover my passion

After having those thoughts I was so excited I was counting down the dates from 70+ days down. I was even happier to be doing something I am passionate about, marketing & copywriting. When I was at university in second year (last academic year), I was so passionate about content (multimedia) marketing and branding so much I did my researches on that, read books in my own time about it as well so it made me very happy to be able to put my knowledge to an advantage. 

My life lately

fast forward to today, nearly one month into my internship, I learnt so much about marketing and copywriting at work because I feel professional feedback is good for improving and developing my knowledge. After work, I was able to get some rest unlike back in England when I had to work after uni, then do uni work after work, then sleep even later and not have time for literally ANYTHING. Even though I have less time now, I have a free evening and I dedicate those evening to sometimes doing absolutely nothing (I never had a chance to do this when I was back in the UK due to the 5 part time jobs that I have had) and some days taking some online courses, reading books, and watching YouTube videos. After a month of having some time for myself and doing things I love, I noticed the similar category in the contents that I like. This is when I discovered what I am passionate about and how I can use my knowledge to help many people out there. If you want to know what sort of content I will be creating in the future for this blog and my youtube channel then please take a few minutes of your time to watch this, I promise it will be worth it. 

Blog & YouTube

After discovering my passion I started planning contents for my youtube and blog channel non-stop. I usually have commitment issue as you may notice the on and off updates on my blog and youtube but with this, I am buzzed about it. I also even plan something else on the side alongside my blog and youtube although it may take a while to put together. I have been putting a lot of work and gaining more knowledge in the area so I can create more content and help you guys. Saying this, I have also got plans for producing giveaway content that will help you! 

I will aim to upload 1 blog post a week with tips and tricks, linked to my youtube video that I will be creating on a daily basis. 

Here is to the future of Bollianaxo and to the process of helping you build your empire through engaging contents and with the knowledge that I have through reading a lot of books, doing several papers, and taking courses.

I'm ready to start Blossomming my Empire!


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