Monday, 10 July 2017

Postcard from Brussels

First week in Brussels have gone by so fast and it is not like what I expected it to be at all. It is totally different to how I have pictured it in my head but as BollianaxoBF described it," many Bedfords put together into one city," and you would only get the reference if you are from Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, or anywhere else nearby. 

As a very fussy eater, I honestly found it so difficult to find food that I'd eat but luckily BollianaxoBF is around during the day to go to the shops so we can have a nice proper dinner. Why don't I go myself.. you ask.. Well, I arrived on Saturday 1st July in the evening which left me a Sunday to food shop before I started working on Monday. Luckily we arrived a day before the first Sunday of the month, this meant that some shops will be open for us to go shop at but there wasn't a lot of shops that were open even though they are supposed to be because it was the first Sunday of the month. The rest of Sundays within the month will obviously be closed! By the time I finish work at 6pm, everything will also be closed - how convenient, right? 

  • I also went to Häagen Dazs for the first time in the city and customer service was shit, yes, SHIT! There is no such thing as customer service in Belgium. Unbelievable. 
  • We had to buy a fan because it was so DAMN HOT. I live in a loft and the window is facing where I am sitting. It was €45 for a fan, excuse me whilst I cry. Luckily Owen was willing to spend half of the amount so I could save some money.
  • We also ordered takeaway twice this week because I was extremely tired as I got lost quite a lot on the way and just trying to get used to things. 
  • I also bought a bike on Saturday that I have some proper time to explore Belgium. My bike is very cute. I have uploaded the picture to my Instagram if you would like to have a look! 
  • Saturday we bought a bike, Sunday (yesterday) we went for a bike ride, just a practice journey to work. It was 30º so about half way there we decided to turn back, it was too tiring! On the way back though we discovered a beautiful park and if you walk inside it, there will be two museums, what a hidden gem! We will be going to the museums next week though because we did not have much time this weekend as I spent more then 90% of it sorting my life out and the rest was dedicated towards tidying up and making a routine for myself. 
Right lads, that is the description of my first week in Brussels. I hope I can share something more interesting next week as I have made a blog, YouTube and social media plans for the week and I hope for the rest of the year it stays like that. Until the next blog post ladies & gents! xo

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