Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Taco Bell Happy Hour Review

Earlier in April I was invited to a Taco Bell launch event in Poole and I took my friend Nicha with me. This time I was invited to another event and I took my boyfriend along because it is actually on his bucket list to go to Taco Bell despite the fact that I already took him there after the launch event in Poole. The event this time is a Happy Hour Menu Review and it is actually a good idea that I took my boyfriend along because what will Happy Hour be about if I didn't share it with someone I love, right?

Moving on to what we had whilst we were there. What we shared in in the picture above, the chicken sharing plate, because my name is Bolly and I love chicken. It was so filling so we had to spare some space in our tummy for the desert because I LOVE deserts more than anything else. The Chicken sharing plate consists of few pieces of boneless chicken, cheesy fries (best thing ever), and some chicken wrap - it was honestly so filling! When it comes to food I don't mess about and when I say the portion is large and you get what you pay for, you really do. 

Pictures above is the long awaited desert. It has churros and chocolate slices which are the best thing ever! Owen absolutely loves it and so did I. We were two happy people walking out of Taco Bell after we had the food. How would I describe Taco Bell? If you want good but yet affordable food, Taco Bell is your best bet. Every time Owen comes down to see me, I think the one thing he looks forward to most is Taco Bell and he most likely look forward to having Taco Bell more than seeing me :P 

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