Monday, 19 June 2017

Summer Bucket List 2017

As if I have a summer holiday! I don't, but I will going abroad for my placement so soon, I can still class this as my holiday though right? Anyway, even though I will have work day time, it doesn't mean that I have work in the evening and in the evening is when I will be creating beautiful stuff to share on my blog & youtube channel, above that, I will also be learning more new skills or to better some skills just because why not, one year away from university means I have an evening of nothing so if I don't better myself, what else would I be doing? Here are the things I wish to be doing in the summer, just the summer but if it goes over the summer then I guess nothing in life is always perfectly planned out, right?


Duolingo - Moving to Belgium in 17 days, on the 1st of July, I must learn French real quick. My boyfriend and I have been trying to learn German in the past year, we stopped about two weeks in and with Duolingo, I tried to learn French and two days later I stopped. I should not be doing this and should get back into it because it will be really useful when communicating in Belgium!

Cook - It's not like I don't know how to cook but I want to be able to cook more food whilst living abroad because when it comes to food, I am so limited. After university, my boyfriend and I are planning to move in together so I really want to be able to cook more things so he doesn't have to eat the same food everyday. He loves my food anyway so no matter how much I learn to cook over the summer, it won't be much a problem.

Lynda - is a website where I used to learn any skills I want to. From coding to marketing to anything under the sun I would like to know about. I have started using to gain some more marketing knowledge since before University ended and I absolutely love the website because I can do this in my own time.


Morning pages - I have been watching a lot of morning pages videos lately and I am very curious whether it will help me declutter my mind as those who said they do this every morning whilst having breakfast for 30 minutes. I mean if it works, great! because I feel it will help me to become more positive when it comes to overthinking unnescessary thoughts.

Track finance - I usually plan my finance monthly but only what I pay on a monthly basis which is nothing new but what I would like to this time track everything that I spend on snf how much income each month so I know exactly what is going in and out of my account.

Plan meals - Recently I have been focusing on losing weight and have been working out on a daily basis. It would be totally awesome if I can be in control of my life as in be in control of what I consume on a daily basis so I know how many calories I consume each day, this means I have a higher chance of losing weight faster.

Tour Brussels with the boyfriend - I will be moving to Brussels in just under ten days! Is this even real?! Last time I was counting down it was over 70 days! This is CRAZY! I am so excited that my boyfriend will also be there for the summer with me as his grad job will start in October so he will be spending a lot of time with me. Whilst he's there, I'd like to travel around for a bit. 

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