Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Taco Bell opening event in Poole

This is the first time ever that as a blogger I have been invited to an opening event. I cannot express enough about how happy I am to be a part of this. This is also my first time trying Taco Bell and I absolutely love it as I thought making it at home was nice enough but clearly there were differences of it being more nicer and richer in taste. I was allowed to bring my plus one with me and obviously I am going to have to choose my very first best friend ever in Bournemouth, Nicha. She has been a babe for going to the event with me and being able to attend the event with someone that I know well makes me less nervous at the event. 

When arriving at the event we were welcomed by the lovely PR team of Taco Bell and they showed us around. We found a 'good spot' for ourselves between two photobooths which were amazing because we took so many pictures whilst we were there and obviously took pictures of the food as well so that I can share this on my blog. 

Overall though, the event was amazing and food was served to us the whole time we were there, staff were lovely, we were introduced to the brunch manager who told us about Taco Bell and how it came about, and then we could enjoy the rest of the evening by having more food, more drinks, and obvioulsy more pictures. 


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