Monday, 17 April 2017

It hurts.

It hurts to have a label.
It hurts to be called something I am not.
It hurts to be called nasty names.
It hurts to have to listen to those words.
It hurts coming from someone that I care about.
It hurts to be told I have so many problems and I need to sort myself out.
Is it me or is it you me?
It just hurts so much.

Thinking about the future..
I am done being called named.
I am done forcing it to work.
I am done lying to myself.
I am done going through this pain.
I am done apologising for something that isn't my fault.

I'm so tired of everything. Of being alone. Of having no one that can listen to me. Of being by myself. Of not having anyone not even parents like anyone else does. I get jealous because I am a human. Of having to lie to myself that everything is okay when everything is broken as fuck. Of forcing myself to apologise to you when I know within human logic that it's not right to give in all times.

I am done being a bitch. I am also done being a so called gold digger. Let the gold digging business end here.

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