Saturday, 15 April 2017

Happy Thai New Year & Let's catch up

Hello ladies and gents. When I started writing this blog post it was on the 13th April in the afternoon however I scrapped everything off completely because nothing I wrote made sense. Now I am re-writing it in the hope that it will make more sense than the previous version of this post. I have so many good news to let you know. 
  1. NATNICHA - I am helping my friend Nicha to build her brand for her final year project. I have inserted a little link about the branding process. The link will lead you to my portfolio blog. In the past year, I unintentionally read so many marketing books is unreal, even in my free time. I also realised that my research at University is mainly on branding which means I could see the path of my interest. This project is just the beginning. I started with this point first because this is the first thing that happened. In this blog post I am just going in order. 
  2. PLACEMENT - I finally have been offered a placement and the best part is that it will be in Belgium. This time last week I have never thought to myself that I will soon be moving to another country for a year. This is just crazy however it will be such a good experience. All I have to do now is get my finance and my research sorted for this whole journey in life. I found out on the 13th and I was crying my eye balls out on the bus on the way to University to collect the test photoshoot equipment. 
  3. TEST PRODUCTION - I also had my production day on the 13th and everything went so well. I got the lighting tested, got the angles tested, everything is good! One test picture is the picture that comes along with this post and I am bloody proud of it! 
  4. WORKOUT - Recently I have been working out also. I have been doing it every single day and have one rest day a week. I feel as if it has made me more positive and become more productive which is the best feeling ever. 
This is all the good news so far. I just thought if I don't share it on my blog, where else would I share this?! Anyways folks, catch up soon! 

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