Sunday, 5 March 2017

Social Media Detox

Everyone is doing it. It's so trendy. 
No. I'm not doing it because it is trendy and following the trend. I am doing it because I want to. 

From the 6th of March 2017 - 12th March 2017 I will be having a reading week and within that week I will be seeing my boyfriend in Loughborough. We have not seen each other in so long (3 months now) and it would be nice that within that time that I am with him, I'm not focusing too much on social media but focus on the present. 

Within the time that I am going to be having off social media, I would like to focus on University work where I can catch up with everything and make the quality of my work better, at the same time also spending time with my boyfriend feeling the presence of the moment, and most importantly coming up with a routine that I will be happy to stick with, meal plans and other stuff also known as organising my life out without the distraction of social media. Reason for saying 'distraction of social media' is because I think social media have so much control over me. Sometimes I would be doing work and I just pick my phone up with the intention of maybe checking the time however I always end of scrolling through all the platforms so endlessly. 

I feel like if not today then tomorrow that I will be needing the social media detox because I desperately would like to get my routine sorted and catch up with all of my work and I would rather do it now than later. Having a social media detox meaning that I will be turning off all my social media notifications from my phone and will not go on it at all and this includes blogging too however I will be planning ahead for that very week which means that I won't be missing any content however I will still be replying to e-mails as I have been applying for placements. I will still be using the messenger though because messenger is my main form of communication with my group projects that are currently still ongoing and will be for as long as I am on this course which means that there is no way that I can get rid of messenger, ever, unless every single person in my group has whatsapp. 

My aim of this is mainly to get everything together and have a routine that I can stick to because I seriously feel like I need one. I look forward to checking in with you after my social media detox week! 

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