Friday, 10 March 2017

Cactus Collection

Some of you may know that I am a massive fan of cactus so what did I do when I was awake at about 3am in the morning?! Of course, bought myself some cactus jewellery just because why not. 

Are you just like me where if you are awake at about 3am in the morning still trying to get some work done but ended up on a shopping site instead? I have come to a solution for myself that if I end up doing that it means that my brain is not ready to take in anymore work and that I should take some rest because my brain does what my bank doesn't want me to do which is so dangerous because who know if I will wake up with any money left in my account and before I realise, I might not. 

Anyway, above that am hours shopping I don't actually regret what I bought. It is my dream to have my own digital media company and I have decided to call it creative cactus so I thought to myself that if I buy anything cactus related then it will remind me to my dream and I am more than likely to make it happen. 

Although this is after all a happy purchase for me, I felt like the quality that the product seemed in the store website looked so much better than when it arrived so I was a little surprised by that. The products are from Kirstin Ash and both of these cost me about £50 including shipping. Here are the links to the products if you are interested: Ring & Earrings. This is not sponsored but I wanted to share this because I just want to justify my purchase by saying that I am not just buying this because I want to but I bought this because I feel it will remind me of where I want to be and I read in many books that if we have something that will always remind us of where we need to be in the future then we are more likely to achieve it. Point justified, bye.  

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