Wednesday, 29 March 2017

April 2017 to-do list

Where on earth has all those three months gone already? As we are stepping our life away into April, I have yet still have a lot of things to do towards my commitment as a student who is desperately still hunting for placement. Although life in April will be a lot nicer than the previous month - some of the things will still be as stressful as usual however I always try to look at it on the brighter side, be thankful for everything. If you haven't already read my 'Eternal Gratitude' blog post, you should check it out!

 ↣ Placement - I'm still searching for it. Interviews after interviews and I still have heard nothing back yet. My industry is very competitive. Even though I thought I tried my best, sometimes there is someone who is more suitable for the role but I'm still going! 

 ↣ Blog posts for April - Well, I planned a lot of blog post for March too but I didn't quite stick to my schedule as I was so busy with placement applications, work, and university work so I hardly had time to stick to my schedule. As much as I love blogging, at this point doing what is right for my future is more important for me.

Because this is Easter break, I am going to give myself some break too as well as doing university work. During every single break I usually just work my life away or just catching up with work but this time I am going to stay creative! Be productive on the creative side. Knowing my I am probably going to be doing a lot of uni work too, lol. 

What is your plan for April? Are you a sort of person who have to set monthly goals like I do or are you just going to wing it as you go? Let me know! 

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