Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My ideal lazy kind of day

↣ 11.00am wake up and have breakfast.
I am not an early bird if it was my lazy day or day off so waking up at about 11am is just about right for me because I always sleep late as the am hours are my creative hours. I usually read something, learn something or even write a journal at that time because my brain works best at that time. Day time is when I write best. Don't ask why, it just does. 

 ↣ 11.30am read blogs and comment on other blogs.
I love reading blogs and interacting with other bloggers so much because I learn so many different things from many other bloggers however when it comes to making time for it when I'm too busy, it is near impossible so on my lazy day, I would definitely love to do this. I also love making friends with other bloggers because I feel the blogging community is more friendlier than anyone in real life (no offence if I know you in real life but you are nice too so that's why I tell you about my blog, hehe). 

 ↣ 1.30pm go to starbucks, write blog posts, and schedule blog post for the week ahead.
I haven't been to Starbucks since forever and to be able to do something I love at a place I love would be an ideal situation. I love to have Mocha Grande with cream, what do you normally order at Starbucks? I work better in a place where people socialise, nice instrumental music, and just get my head down to it. I don't know why I get more work done more and faster when I'm in that sort of environment compared to when I'm at home... Probably because my bed is too comfortable? Lol, yeah that's why.

 ↣ 5.30pm go back home and watch YouTube videos.
I really love watching YouTube videos however I never made time for them so I actually have a lot of videos saved in my to watch list and I usually watch them when I dry my hair, yes I know time is so important to me and I would only watch YouTube videos when I am actually doing something else as well. I would LOVE to watch YouTube videos in bed doing nothing, for once! 

 ↣ 6.30pm cook dinner & have dinner. 
I just love food, okay? 

 ↣ 8.30pm bake a cupcake, take pictures & share it on a blog post. 
The last time I baked was probably last year and I have some ingredients left that I would love to use. I didn't have time to bake at all so baking is something I have been looking for time to actually do so on this ideal special day would be perfect. 

 ↣ 9.30pm call the boyfriend whilst doing some reading before bed.
My boyfriend only buys books for me now because he knows how much I love to read. I would love to be unplugged for the night and just read - calling my boyfriend and just having the presence of each other whilst I read and he works for his projects without me going on social media is something I would love to try. The idea is to sleep whenever :P

P.S What would your ideal lazy day be? Share it with me in the comment :)


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