Wednesday, 1 March 2017

March 2017 to-do list

March is going to be another stressful month for me. A lot of University deadlines, personal projects, books to read, a few part-time jobs and most importantly trying to get my placement sorted which means I have to apply for so many jobs and wait for luck to stand by my side to be invited for an interview. I have been to about 3-4 interviews in January and February but so far still unsuccessful but hey, this is just what student life is all about: hopelessly living day by day trying my best to reach my goal. 

 ↣ Get placement sorted, if received offer then start to look for accommodation, if not - keep applying!
 ↣ Pre-write blog posts for March
 ↣ Schedule Social Media
 ↣ Prepare for deadline presentation
 ↣ Prepare for report deadline
 ↣ Prepare for blog report deadline
 ↣ Get life schedule sorted (I am trying different things to see which works best for me)

Just a little midnight welcome to March of 2017 as I am still awake trying export a footage so why not share a blog post of my March to do list with you :)


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