Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Seven days left to Valentine's day and I thought I should give you ladies and gents some gift ideas on what to get for your loved ones. If you're single then of course you can still treat yourself to some nice gift (I always did when I was single because why not). Non of these products are sponsored but I just thought that it will make a great gift, so you're very welcome! ;) 

When thinking of what the gents should get for the ladies it was so easy for me obviously I just thought of what would make me happy if I received it from my boyfriend (not intention hint for him at all because I have most of these). When looking at what the ladies should get the gents though... it took a while. I mean I am struggled for what to get my other half myself however I got it all sorted now! 
#FOUR - Ted Baker purse

I thought I should post this today only because Valentine's day is in one week and there is something about me and counting down to something within a week. At least you will have the weekend to shop and have enough time for delivery if you need to order your gifts online. 

Enjoy shopping for your other half. 
What did you get your other half for Valentine's day?
If you have a gift suggestion blog post share it in the comment :)


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