Sunday, 12 February 2017

Being part of Kevin Kruse's launch team

This is probably one of the proudest thing that I have ever in involved in. Being part of my favourite author's launch team is truly an honour because I had an opportunity to read the book before the release date and if I lived in America, I would have received a hard copy of his book too but for me, even a kindle version is good enough and I still cannot express how happy I am to be part of it. 

I am a sort of person who loves to read books that would help me achieve my goals, follow my dreams and meet my desired destination in life and as far as I am aware at this age, I am happy where I am standing in life. I have a few part time jobs, I am a student student, I blog and have a YouTube channel that I regularly upload and created so many portfolio in order to showcase my work and make my way into the industry that I would like to be in. 

What I learnt from Kevin's previous book was time management skills no matter how busy you seem to be in life, if something is important enough for you, you will somehow make time for it. The book is called 15 Secrets successful people know about time management. I mean if they do those and become successful, how can what they do go wrong?! So far it has helped me and worked well for me. 

I am about 80% into his new book (this is according to my kindle). His new book is called Text me! Snap me! Ask me anything!: How entrepreneurs, Consultants, And Artists Can Use The Power Of Intimate Attention To Build Their Brand, Grow Their Business And Change The World. So far so good and this is mainly about branding and marketing. I feel like businesses and brands would have been more successful if they did that because after reading it, I totally agree and feel it is a smart way to approach customers and keep the good reputation of the company which will also keep customers coming back. 

Kevin's book is honestly worth reading because it will help so much, written in a easy format to read and it's like a friend telling you a story. If you are looking for a good book, these two are definitely good and definitely the best reads for me. 

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