Friday, 20 January 2017

YouTube, Blog & Blah Blah

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. You must have been thinking where the heck have I been after my University has finished right? Well, I was being lazy and not very motivated at all. I was thinking about all those times I have been waking up early, creating a to do list day by day to do my assignment and now that I have the time to rest when I don’t have University, I really should be resting. On the 27th June I will be back to work and so I have decided to use all this time to rest. I have only been resting for a week and it felt like forever only because I was so used to working everyday and going to lectures and doing more work and blah blah blah… the list goes on.
Clicking on this post, you must have noticed that I have changed my banner on my FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and wherever else it allowed me to. The reason for that is kind of like rebranding it but not rebranding it at the same time because I am still blogging and YouTubing under bollianaxo but more like restructuring them.
How I am doing this through a banner so that everyone will know is basically;
  • The name of my branding
  • What the whole thing is about
  • “Whenever & Wherever” as seen in the banner means that I can upload it whenever and wherever I go because as much as I love to document everything, I do not have a lot of friends that can take decent pictures or videos. I do not have a fixed timing or location, I do not have a day or date that I will upload. I will use every opportunity I have to do it whenever I can. I am not promising a date and time like I used to.
Sometimes as  student I have to prioritise my work. Living by myself abroad also means that I have to work harder and have part time job because I am not asking for my parent’s help with finance. YouTube and Blogging is my hobby and has always been but I struggle to make time due to commitment such as University and part time job. Now I will do it whenever and wherever I feel like it. Sometimes I feel stressed because I cannot keep on track with my blog and youtube but since that I have put this out the way, I am happy. I am happy to accepted that I am a student who is busy with her work. I have accepted that I don’t have parents to support me whilst I study and I have to work part time in order to survive. I have accepted that I am going to blog and make a youtube video whenever I can and will only upload content with quality rather than quantity.
If you are reading this, thank you, thank you, thank you! I am hoping to be travelling for a little bit before I get back to work so there should be something exciting on the blog and youtube (maybe). Have a good week ahead of you and stay strong!
Keep in touch xo ♡

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