Friday, 20 January 2017


It has been long since I have written anything personal. I decided to write this blog post because now I am back home after a 9 hours coach journey. It was so painful, yet so worth it. It also feels good to leave a pile of housework behind, University work behind, although I actually took some to be productive. Now I’m back at home, with a pile of washing up, a bunch of house work, to-do list for the upcoming week to sort out.
Back to my point, I hate long distance relationship so much, but sometimes it has to happen and this 9 hours coach journey each way was worth it. I got to see what Loughborough University was like, a tour of Loughborough from my boyfriend, and most importantly spend time with him. One thing I hated about it though was that we had to walk everywhere and everything is about ten minutes away from each other. To walk into town would be about 30 minutes my love, no thanks, not my ideal lifestyle at all.
I arrived on Friday night and we started off our night by ordering Dominoes and then watching The Great British Bake Off, for once we were right when we guessed who was going to win! We head to bed really quickly on Friday night because I was so tired after that long ass coach journey which made me go through a back coma for a while.
On Saturday, I didn’t wake up very early either because I was so tired and have been waking up early to do some week throughout the whole week. I have set an alarm clock, don’t get me wrong, but snooze was my best mate that day. When we finally woke up, it was already lunch time so we walked into town. This is when I know that I have made a good choice choosing Bournemouth University because I did not have to walk 30 minutes to get to town and ten minutes to go to each location. We hang out in town for a bit, bought some food for dinner and breakfast for Sunday. We came back and watched The Apprentice because we love Lord Sugar’s jokes so much. We went to bed at about 3am because I was editing my CV and he was gaming.
Sunday, Sunday, I don’t like you very much because I had to leave my boyfriend but not only that, nine freaking hours coach journey, errrrrrr, no thanks. But I have to live reality and come back to live my life. We woke up fairly late because we went to bed super late, by the time we woke up, I had to shower, quickly cook breakfast, quickly have breakfast, quickly clean, quickly pack and quickly leave because I didn’t want to miss my bus.
I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and had a great Halloween! Until next time.
Keep in touch xo ♡

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