Friday, 20 January 2017

Weekend away with Le Boyfriend 001

Hello! How have you been? I am proud to announce that I am still okay, still here, still wanting to blog but could not find time for it since my boyfriend and I returned form Bath as a very nasty incident happened. The week we decided to get away and relax, turned out I was so busy with work it was unreal so I was editing the video for my group work before the deadline and it was tough because I don’t want my boyfriend to feel bad for taking me away and me not spending time with him. I am very thankful he understands me. So, this view was the very start of our journey, on our way there we parked at a random car park so I could call my mother. You might have seen these images before as I have posted them on my instagram and if you have not, here they are!
On the day we were travelling, we were planning to go to the safari, but no, it was raining and I hate walking in rain and also I would not be able to see anything if the rain was going to be that heavy so we went to our hotel straight away and just had a lazy evening in. The view from our window was stunning and the atmosphere was great. We stayed at Timbrell’s Yard hotel and the service was okay. I do not want to judge the overall service based on one purely because we only stayed there for a night. The atmosphere are great. They provide hair dryer but it is a shared product. Back to the point, because it was raining, we just stayed in and went for dinner in a nearby restaurant.
Here are some pictures from last weekend to share with you. Sorry this is the first post of the week although it is already Friday. University deadline is out my way for at least a week now so I will likely have sometime to pre-post some blog posts before I decide to disappear altogether again. Have a lovely weekend ahead of you! Speak soon! xo

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