Friday, 20 January 2017

Vienna 2015: SELFIE QUEEN

Oops, my day three in Vienna blog post was updated before my day two. Today was my second day in Vienna, Tuesday 23rd June 2015 and the weather was bad. Being brought up in England gives me the excuse to talk about the weather everyday because the weather in my opinion is very bipolar. In every country it is. Today I have decided to wear something that can rescue me when it rains or gets cold and can also rescue me if it gets way too hot which it really did happen during the day. Outfit of the day will be mentioned later on in this post, please stay tuned and enjoy the journey with me through Vienna.
Whilst taking this picture, I admit that I was already very tired because the weather was so bad, we walked so much yesterday and I just finished my Vietnamese food and I was tired, stuffed with food but at the same time have already been lost around Vienna for at least three hours that day and still trying to find some good location to film and take pictures.

I walked out the house to day shaking as I walked out because the weather was so cold and the sky looks like it was going to rain but look, I had to take off the leather jacket, it belongs to Jeannie because I went empty suitcase planning to buy more stuff when I am here and go back full luggage.

This is my first ever boyfriend jeans, recommended by Jeannie because she said it was very comfortable. I trust Jeannie with this because me and Jeannie have the same opinion on everything and just feel the same about what we should do on Friday and Saturday night instead of going put partying, it is not my thing so I trusted her, took the shot, and loved it! It was so comfortable and feels free to walk in boyfriend jeans and it is now my favourite piece of clothing ever that I don’t ever think that I will regret buying it.

Shoes looks good but have you ever heard of beauty is pain. This is the good example of one. I walked out the house feeling all comfortable and nice because everything I wear was matching today but something just kinda ruined that feeling. My face was always still smiling of course however, my shoes were hurting my feet. Maybe it is because we have been walking for so long.

Me and Jeannie have also been filming and taking pictures all day today. I will leave the link of the playlist at the bottom later where I will also be telling you about what I wore today. I also had the best donut today. I know I do not have a picture but if you follow me on Instagram you will be able to keep track with everything because my life lies pretty much.

To follow me around Vienna here is the playlist on my YouTube channel to mine and Jeannie’s videos that we have been filming throughout the day.
Outfit of the day
Shirt: H&M | Boyfriend Jeans: Forever 21 | Shoes: H&M | Bag: River Island | Watch: Daniel Wellington.

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