Friday, 20 January 2017

Vienna 2015: Momma won’t be happy

After arriving in Vienna, this is my first ever day to roam around the city like a tourist. At this point, I did not care what people have to think of me when Jeannie was taking the pictures, I did not care when people see me filming, I do what I do and if it caused no harm to anybody then I am happy with what I do. So on the first day, we went to buy some cloths because I came here empty luggage, although I have a lot to say about the Easy Jet and their customer service, I will not ruin this blog post with what they did to ruin my feeling when I am on a holiday. We also went to have my favourite Japanese food at my favourite restaurant and it was amazing! To see everything precisely, me and Jeannie have been filming on our YouTube channel too so I will create a playlist where you can travel around with me!

This picture gives me the title. When I was posing for the camera when Jeannie was trying to take pictures for me so that I can update it on my blog, all she was saying was, “you go girl, keep going, to the left, and to the right, and act sexy, now there you go, momma won’t be happy,” I just could not deal with this quote so I started laughing like a woman on crack. I had such a great time with her even on the first day it was so funny because of being on the phone, we are actually here real life. After we came back home, believe it or not, out throat hurt so bad. This is probably because we are in pain from talking and laughing a lot!

This is one of my favourite pictures taken from today because it looks natural. Don’t you just think that pictures that are taken when you least expect it is always the best? I mean I know that the angle, the image is not that perfect because my hands were shaking however just the fact that the picture is capturing what I was doing at the time is what I admire about it. Before I forget, I will leave the playlist and what I wore today at the end of the post because it will make it more exciting. Blog is just a little snippet but for whole story head over to my YouTube channel.

I like the sign on this picture. This is the only reason why I took it. With Jeannie in the background, makes it more perfect because it tells how much we try to actually get each picture and video taken. Trust me it is not the easiest job because you have to be confident and daring enough to do it. Or in another word, do not care about what people think I do then it will be easy.

To follow me around Vienna here is the playlist on my YouTube channel to mine and Jeannie’s videos that we have been filming throughout the day.
Outfit of the day
Top: H&M | Shorts: Thailand | Hat: Newlook | Jacket: Newlook | Watch: Daniel Wellington.

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