Friday, 20 January 2017

Vienna 2015: Just my luck

Day three in Vienna and I am already feeling like I have been here for such a long time because since I have been here, me and Jeannie never really stopped working on our YouTube channel and blog posts. We were able to take pictures for each other. here are some instagram updates that was up since I have been here but of course, there are some more pictures that is going to be published on my Instagram! If you do not want to miss anything then head over to my instagram at @bollianaxo to see it!
So the weather today was not the best. It was raining before we left home but was not anymore when we were about to leave. I don’t know why but weather like this is always such a bad luck to me because I personally dislike this weather. Not only did I have a bad experience with easy jet, this is my second bad experience since being in Vienna. A travel fee fine.
Basically from where Jeannie lives they do not have a ticket machine. Unlike London, there are ticket machines everywhere so there is no chance you can sneak on to anything without buying it. However in Vienna, they only sell them at several places which I am very fed up with because they do not have one at Jeannie’s bus stop so we had to take a shot and just take the bus into town to buy it. On the exact stop that I was going to get off, the people decided to check the bus tickets which is very stupid because I was trying to explain that there were no bus tickets there and that I could go to the station in town to buy it instead. They asked for my ID and checked all my details, gave me a receipt as if I could pay it all back which I had to at the end of the day anyway.
I feel like a way to improve this is they have to build it at every stop. Since it is such an advanced country. This is really not the excuse not to have. I mean with every single person being charged on the bus for not being able to buy a ticket and they charge a fine for it. With that amount I am sure that they must have enough money to build the machine at every single stop in Vienna by now. This has really ruined my day and I do not understand the system of them not having the ticket machine at every stop.
Enough ranting and on to the good things about Vienna. I noticed that customer service in restaurants here are amazing. No matter how many staff are working on the floor in restaurant, they still manage it very well and they also provide a very good service comparing it to the UK. I really appreciate it and it makes me feel happy because we pay for the food and they give us the good service. At least that is what I expect the most from restaurants.
Jeannie also took me to this frozen yoghurt stand in the middle of the mall in Vienna. It was the first I ever tried and I am really not disappointed in it thinking this is my first ever frozen yoghurt. I would like to go there again, it is called Chill Box. When I was there I was just filming Jeannie first and the guy thought that I was confused and he was like, are you okay? Do you know how it works? After such a bad day, honestly, the good customer services made up for my bad experience with the transport in Austria.
Anyway, this was my day done, although still very gutted with the transport here, I really appreciate the services provided by restaurants here!
To follow me around Vienna here is the playlist on my YouTube channel to mine and Jeannie’s videos that we have been filming throughout the day.

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