Friday, 20 January 2017

Vienna 2015: The best of Vienna

Pictures above were pictures from my first day in Vienna.
Hello! Welcome to my final Vienna blog post! Apart from the upcoming OOTD’s of course, well actually I’ve uploaded nearly all of my OOTD’s although there’s only one left from Vienna this year. Before I go into the details of this blog post which will be mostly about reviews by choice, not sponsored or anything. I will be talking about restaurants and places that Jeannie took me to when I was in Vienna this year. I really hope you will enjoy it! It will just be on those restaurants that I went to and have enjoyed it so much other than that if I did not like it I will not talk or mention anything on it because it has been said in other blog posts.
So, I would like to say that I am so thankful for a friend like Jeannie because every minute spent with her was so productive. Every single minute we were working towards our YouTube channel and blog and we try so hard. Without a friend with the same interest like her, I would not be able to do this on my own. I would also like to thank her for taking me all around Vienna. For waking up early and sleeping late editing vlogs and blog posts with me, for always motivating me to continue doing what I am doing.
 Pho Cho Lon – A Vietnamese Restaurant in the city run by a family playing English songs, having decent price on food and since it was my first ever Vietnamese food, I was very impressed. Anybody passing by should definitely go check them out because the restaurant is seriously very clean on the inside. They have a variety of food to choose from just like any other restaurant but the best thing about this place is that they will give complimentary dessert after you’ve finished your meal. This is the best part!

ChillBox – Located in the middle of the Donau Zentrum and convenient for anyone whose out shopping on a hot sunny day or even in Winter! It was also my first ever frozen yoghurt and I came back three times within the same week. That is bad isn’t it? But obviously I only went back because it was nice. The staff were very friendly guiding you to what you need to do because you kind of have to take the ice cream yourself and is good because you can choose how much you want and you can choose a topping of your choice either really healthy or really unhealthy but of course, for me unhealthy is my way forward. They will charge the price based on the weight of the yoghurt.
Tasty Donut – THE BEST DONUT EVER. Lots and lots of flavours to choose from and extremely reasonable price. You should definitely go to try it because I am not going to say much on this. A donut can either be really bad or really nice without any words having to describe but I am going to say that this is really nice so GO TRY or you are actually missing out in life!
Akakiko – Japanese food with many brunches around the city! My favourite one was at the Donau Zentrum because they have the best lemon chicken. There are so many Japanese food to choose from although I wouldn’t say that it is the cheapest but it is way cheaper than London is and within the same week, me and Jeannie went there three times so that is a good sign as it is a nice food right? But a bad sign towards us spending money!
Wok on Fire – The best Asian food in Vienna with so many food to choose from. Seriously, any Asian countries you are thinking of, the food will be on the menu. When I went there I tried Malaysian food though. Last time when I came to Vienna I also went here and I went back. I wouldn’t usually go back to a restaurant unless I think that it is really nice. The service was spectacular! I really recommend the Malaysian food at this restaurant though because I haven’t quite try any other food so the Malaysian food is all I can talk about. They may not have many staff working there but they were able to serve all their customers with the best service you can ever ask for!
Ginza Wok & Grill – My first impression was just wow, how do they get profit. Well basically, it is a buffet. They have EVERYTHING you can ever ask for all the seafood and all the meats. Even sharks and kangaroos, yeah I know! So it was only under 10 EUROS per person and it was very filling. I did not have anymore food that day so you should definitely check them out. It will really be worth your time and money. Oh chicken satay was the BEST! everything cooked freshly and served at a table for you too!
This are all the restaurant and shop reviews that I am going to do. We went to so many places that I could not even keep track of anything at all but I am trying to be a good blogger here!
Hopefully I can go there again soon to try some other new things out and share it with you guys! I’ve had the best ever time because everyday was a very productive day for us!

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