Friday, 20 January 2017

Useful Mobile Application for student: FOREST

In today’s blog post, we are calling students to read this article because this will be useful and let me tell you, you will get a lot of work done. I have only discovered this before the Christmas Holiday and I absolutely love it. I used it when I had the essay to hand in but now I have no work to do so I hardly use it. For such a low cost at under £1, I do not remember exactly how much I paid for it. It is available for your mobile device and here is the link to the official website of the application. I am recommending this application because I love it and clearly not sponsored to do this! FOREST APPLICATION.
So the purpose of the application is to stop you from using your phone whilst you’re doing work. You can choose the amount of time to be off your phone whilst doing work but if you ever exit the app to go on to any other applications then your plants will die. Saying this, the more you study, the more plant you can grow in your forest. You can also choose the plant you want to grow. Every time you grow something, you can choose which plant you want and when you get coins you can unlock other plants. For every hour you have done, or the amount of time you set, you can go back to your record to edit the description of the hour maybe you want to write down that you studied for that subject and this subject, you can edit that.
So, after using the application for a while in December because of the essay I had to write, in the first picture is the graph of the amount of time I have been using the application and I can tell you now that I had a lot done.
The second picture is if you study way too many hours and you earn a ridiculous amount of points, you are able to donate the points you earn to grow real plants in India or Zambia, your choice, but it is for a good cause.
The third picture is you can see who is on the world record of being away from their phone. Do you think they secretly have other devices to go on if they leave this application open on their mobile device?
Lastly, if you have friends that are interested, you can add them too. My boyfriend and my other friend are the only people who have this application and if you are interested in using the application then don’t forget to add me too!
Anyway guys, have a good week ahead of you and find this blog post helpful! Happy studying! xo

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