Friday, 20 January 2017

Useful mobile application for readers

Hello, everyone! I hope your week is going well so far. Is already mid-way through the week and it is time for another blog post! Sorry it was a bit late today, I was busy but somehow I still want to introduce you to something that has made my life a lot easier such as when I was scrolling through facebook or on a news website on my mobile device, when the article is usually so long and I don’t have time, pocket is the first thing on my mind because it saves articles for me and let me show you how it works.
The first screenshot is the screen you will see when you first open the application on your mobile device. What you do is usually just copy the link from FaceBook or web browser then you open the app, once the app is open and it is aware that you have a link on your clipboard, it will have the “add” sign in green at the bottom of the screen and once you click “add” it will save it to your main screen. Once you have read the article, it will have the open as read and all those articles will still be saved in your archive (last screenshot) for maybe you would like to come back to read it.
Those screenshots above are the option it offers within the app however what I have been telling you was what I have been using. They have a website where you can access your account on desktop too!
I really find this application useful because sometimes I have so much work but there are blog posts that I want to read but have not found time to read it yet then I always save it in this app or any other articles from any website. It also support video and anything that is a link!
Hope you have found this article useful and I shall update again this Friday xo

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