Friday, 20 January 2017

Thai Smile, Boscombe.

So, I’ve disappeared from the social media world again, as I usually do, I cannot stick to my schedule properly and at the moment I am feeling like I am a hot mess. Today is Friday 9th October, I’ve decided to wake up early to get some work done. Whilst waiting for the footage that I had to do for University to upload, I thought it will also be a perfect time to blog as I have nothing else to do whilst waiting for the huge file to upload, a total of 121 footages of about 5 minutes long each. This blog post will be just based on food and a tiny review of the restaurant because they really do deserve a really good one. Out of all the Thai Restaurants that I have tried in Bournemouth and Poole (Dorset area), I feel like this is the best one and no matter how far I had to travel to be able to have the food, I will be willing to because I am such a foodie. A foodie only thinks about the food, not the distance, the price, but to me a service does matter too. So to summarise everything up, this is going to be about food only, university wise will be up in the next one about how I am getting along and how I am finding the course.
I’ve decided to go to the Thai Smile after not revisiting it for over three month. During the summer holiday I was back at home and this is why I did not go there for such a long time. So moving on to the review of the restaurant, I will make this nice and short and straight forward.
To start off with, the building is very small, nearly like a house but on the inside it is very authentic which is what I like about this the Thai Smile. It only makes me think of really authentic restaurants in Thailand. As a Thai person, I am happy with everything from
If I were to say any restaurant is good, I would say that the certain restaurant will also need to have good customer service and this one deffo does. No doubt. If you were Thai and went to the restaurant they will give you the menu but if you were not Thai, obviously you will get the english menu. This is also one of the things I like about that because it makes me feel like home when they do this.
The food is always presented in the best possible way and the plates are just so beautiful. Obviously the dishes are very delicious and we can request for the amount of spice we want.
So, this is the short review, these pictures were taken about a week ago but I could not get my ahead around to blogging but here I am today telling you about my experiences in restaurants because I am such a foodie.
Have  a lovely weekend ahead of you and speak soon!

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