Friday, 20 January 2017

Setting Realistic goals – University Edition

Basically, I failed my New Year’s Resolution because something at my house has gone wrong. The boiler broke so things in life have gone wrong. I am the sort of person that acts like everything is wrong when one thing is wrong. So I failed for the past two weeks and now I am back on track. I have also been so busy with work and finally free from work now because my new modules are starting tomorrow, woo! So recently since I have been free and Jeannie has been free from her exam, I was able to talk to her and we love to motivate each other and this is where this idea came from.
So, January is like a trial month. It is there for you to see how realistic your goals can be and how well you can do them. You will learn about it.
So what Jeannie and I did when we were on the phone to each other was we looked for reasons to why we want what we want and if we want it so bad surely as a human being, we would do anything for it.
We then wrote about what we would like to achieve by this year and ways we can get this done. If we want something so bad, knowing what you want isn’t good enough but what is good enough is knowing how you can get what you want.
A dream will not come true if you only keep on dreaming. A dream will come true if you wake up from it and, at least, give it your best shot at making it happen.
We then talk about how realistic they can be and how we can divide the time. So day by day we set our schedule and times into our diary and we make sure that we get each thing ticked off day by day and do not overload them because it will only make it seem more boring. Most importantly give yourself a break.
Those are all the advice I can give for now from personal experience. Even if you don’t achieve them at by the end of this year, you will have longer, give yourself time. Good things don’t come fast but it does take hard work so stay strong and one day if you have done well enough then you will get what you deserve.
Enjoy the rest of the week and hopefully, this has been motivational enough to get you off your feet and still working on your NYRs because it’s only February!

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