Friday, 20 January 2017

RIP my bank account

Heeeeeeeey! I thought I should share with you what I bought recently because I am such a bargain hunter so I buy things from place that I can get it for the cheapest purely because I just have that much time to look around day and night and decide again if it is worth the money or not so if it is worth the money, I usually just get it and this is why I am sharing with you what I have bought recently and how I went with the deal.
One day after uni, I was so stressed and was talking to my friend, Jeannie who is a Skincare expert on YouTube and I told her that my face has lost its shit, it basically means that I have way too many spots, one keeps on popping up after another. Actually, I have always known that she was working together with Wishtrend but I just have never had experience with brands that I have never heard of and she recommended her box, the rocket deal. I went on to the site and looked at the products individually. One of the creams in the box cost more than the box itself and the box comes with many items and everything full size. Without hesitation, there goes money flying out of my bank account.
This isn’t the first polaroid I own because I had one before and it was in white. This is my second one and now that since everything I try to have is in black and white but more to the darker side, because I am devil like that, I have been looking at bloggers pictures and Instagram accounts and hashtags and all those pictures are like drugs, they made me go on to google and type in ‘polaroid black’ and clicked on ‘shopping’. The cheapest I came across was £49.99 which was from the website above that I have linked to however I did not know if it was because of the pictures or me really wanting it so I waited a while. A night later I could not sleep so I woke up the next day and the price went up to £54.99 and I was sooooooooo angry and I had uni all day and I could not focus on my work. I kept on refreshing the page until at one point, I think was lunch time the price went back down to £49.99 and no way in hell did I hesitate to get that and that is how it came about to being mine today!
I did compare the prices all over the internet and which was cheapest and turned out that buying this way was the cheapest so here comes another product that has to be used with a polaroid. I actually bought an album and the selfie lens too but it didn’t arrive yet so I have to wait for a little longer and show you more in another blog post!
004: Bottle
As I came back from the gym, I was thinking, “I eat so unhealthy so many I should drink healthy,” of course, I don’t mean alcohol! I don’t drink alcohol because I have too many secrets that may have a chance of coming out if I ever get drunk, anyway, back to my point, though, I just like lemon water and this bottle is so much bigger than the current bottle that I carry around with my anywhere and everywhere.
Okay, this is done, the post of shaming on myself for spending too much money is done because I am a university student and should really watch out with my budget really. The only thing I don’t regret buying though is the skincare because I get so stressed out when a spot does not pay rent on my face! Have a good week ahead of you, this is it for my post today. I have been doing work all day and I am trying not to nap so I took that time to actually write this blog post up instead because I am having a bloody good time here! Okay bye.

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