Friday, 20 January 2017

Review of Wishtrend Products

Hi everyone! Just before I do this review I would like to put a disclaimer out there that I am not a skin or makeup expert, I am not paid to do this and all opinions are my own. I hope that somehow you will find this review useful. I bought this on a deal “MISSELECTRAHEART” Box because my friend Jeannie was collaborating with them and everything is so much cheaper in the box than buying each individually. After using the products for a while, I actually love them so much!
This is a moisturiser that I can either use day time or night time. I personally love the product because my skin doesn’t feel as dry when applying it and it dries on my skin really quickly leaving it feeling fresh! I usually use this two times a day, day and night and comparing this to any drugstore moisturisers that I have used, I prefer this because I feel fresh right after applying this onto my skin just before I do makeup.
This is the first time ever owning this sort of product and I am not too sure whether to love it or hate it. Here is why; I love it because it cleans up my face so easily without having to go through a long process as I usually do however the con of this is that if I try to remove any makeup close to my eye and if it goes into my eyes, it really hurts but overall, the product itself it good but I have to be more careful when I use it near my eyes.
This vitamin C is supposed to help my skin however I did not know that I had to apply sun lotion on to my face before I apply the vitamin C onto it. The instruction should be clearer because I don’t think it was on there at all and the only thing it has was information about the product. Me not being an expert, they should really leave more information on how to use the product because all sorts of people will be buying their product and not everyone will know what to do. Other than that, the product itself is good. Even though I don’t use it everyday, my skin feels much healthier after using it for a while.
This product is a miracle. Is that enough said? No? Okay, so if I ever have an acne that does not pay rent to be on my face, the way I can get rid of it and make sure it moves out of my face by the next day, or the day after is by applying Enca onto my face and it will disappear!
These are the sample creams and masks that came with the box and I just decided to show you it because you can get an idea what you can get in your box if you ever decide to buy any box from them. All of the creams are pretty normal however it actually feels better when applying on than normal drugstore creams.
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