Friday, 20 January 2017


This is rather complicated, but I am going to tell you everything. 
Hi everyone! How are you? Hope you’re all doing well. As for me, I am well, although every time I write a blog post I seem to be complaining how busy University make me because I cannot be on time with my blog schedule and YouTube schedule. This blog post is going to be very personal to me. Extremely personal but since I share everything on my blog, I thought that this should be one of the things that I share on my blog too. I was an anti relationship sort of girl but today I am not anymore.
Me and Owen started off as a friend. It was all really weird and I did not want to go into this topic at all because it is more personal to him than it is to me. We were friends, on and off, he talks to me when I needed someone and the same the other way round. One day I was just randomly very sad and upset and needed to see someone, he was the first person I thought of that I wanted to see. He came to see me and we went to a restaurant as a friend still.
The more I got to spend time with him, the more I feel like I was closer to him. I am a sort of girl who only have guys as best friends, not by choice but it just happens that I get along with guys more than I do with girls. I have a lot of guy friends and spend a lot of time with them. With him it was different, I don’t know what it was, it was weird and stupid butterflies that I get which I never usually do. I know that my feeling changed since then. Luckily we talk a lot and would talk about anything and everything to each other so we decided to go on a date, it worked. For me it really did.
This Sunday 25th October, it would have been two months. At first I thought I should just give it a go to see how it goes but now it has been long enough for me to be certain that it is going to work and we will still have a lot of time ahead of us. I thought I should share this on my blog because I share everything with you guys and you guys deserve to know.
Well, this is all I am going to share today, hope you will have a lovely lazy Sunday and I shall see you soon! lots and lots and lots of love đź™‚ xo

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