Friday, 20 January 2017

Production day 001

Hello friends, hope you’re all well. Today is my day off, as usual for Wednesdays however it is a little different for me today because it is my production day for group work so I thought I should share this with you guys. I feel very happy about how the day went today though because I work with many amazing group of people. 
So today, the rain was peeing again and I do not like this weather by a tiny bit. I don’t mind it when I am indoor but I hate it so much doing anything in such a bad weather. We have a group of eight, five were on set today, two will be editing tomorrow, and one just completely ignored everything so whatever, at least seven out of eight will be working.
When working on set of course there are many roles, I was the Production Manager, I was responsible for the documents, the production process and everything. This is what I like doing because I like to be organised and I am very precise with documents.
Overall, the team worked very hard and very well, I am very happy with the outcome. People who will be editing are very talented with editing so our group smashed it, it will be great. I cannot wait to see the outcome.
Once the outcome is there, I will be sure to share this with you guys, also a very big thanks to Robert Lewis, Mitchell’s friend (a team member) who was being interviewed.

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