Friday, 20 January 2017

Nichaaa ♡

Happy Friday everyone! I am so sorry that today isn’t a Friday Food day but I have decided to share with you a day break which I had on Wednesday and I went to see my friend, Nicha. We spent all day together and both of us felt so exhausted over work. I waited for her in front of KFC at Lansdowne (Town Centre in Bournemouth) and we went to have Bubble Tea together at Yobu, my favourite ever place in Bournemouth and had it three times this week! Let me show you the picture of the food that we had, best feeling ever!
So that’s the food we had, Somtam Thai with sticky rice. The only thing missing was TomYum but I was on a budget and so was she. When I got home, my new camera lens arrived and I was very happy. It was in front of my room when I got back home.. here is a little image…
Sorry once again sorry that is isn’t a Friday food day. A lot of things are going on at my university accommodation but accidents do happen! Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend and at the moment as I am writing this post on a Wednesday and have work due Friday, I am not too sure yet if I will have a video for Sunday on my YouTube channel but if I do, the link should be in the short and sweet post of the week! lots and lots of lurve! xo

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