Friday, 20 January 2017

My first live tv interview

Hello everyone! It is already Wednesday and if you think about it, only two more days before is Friday where we can all just order pizza and watch Netflix mode ready for the weekend, you know that kinda thing? A little update on my life right here. So far I have been extremely organised and have been doing  a lot of university work and also have been really up to date with blogging and YouTube. I have also been going to the gym and been doing everything that I have on my to-do list… I know it sounds crazy but hey ho, this sister is still managing! Let’s move on to talk about my first ever tv interview shall we?
So two weeks ago I was e-mailed by a Bournemouth University student to help them with their live tv project which I was more than happy to help although I have never done it before. It was such a great experience because it was nothing like I ever expected. We had a few run throughs with so many questions and I was just surprised that anyone was interested in my blog at all! I know some readers e-mail me very often and I am very happy to receive all your messages.
The reason I am telling you about this is that when I was young, I was extremely camera shy and I have always hated sharing my work and content with people. Now I am all over the place with sharing my work and helping people. I just would like to say that if I could have given this advice to myself when I was younger, it would have been to say to myself that shyness gets me nowhere. even if I wasn’t confident, pretend it because nobody knows that I would have been pretending. I am not saying I am confident now but I am living day by day just pretending that I am and I am doing fine with everything! Some people even say to me that I am the loudest person they have ever met now so if I can do it so why can’t you! This is just a little post to motivate you đź™‚
I shall speak to you soon in Friday’s blog post! lots and lots of love xo

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