Friday, 20 January 2017

My favourite Instagram accounts

Since I have trapped one of my fingers between the car door, I have had a lot of time to scroll through Instagram because there is nothing else that I can be doing as it hurts if I touch it even a tiny bit or try to do anything else; I will tell you how and why it happened in my Easter summary blog post that I will be likely to upload next week. Whilst doing it, I thought I should really make a good use of it by sharing with you my favourite Instagram accounts and why I like and follow them. The accounts are pretty creative and I have always been a massive fan of people who are able to maintain their account with a certain theme at all times, like, how do you even do that sister? I admire them a lot so here goes my favourites of all accounts..


Okay, so first of all look at that theme, white, minimalistic, good figure, good fashion sense, basically complete set of any girl’s dream (well, mine at least). I really admire her account because when I see her pictures whilst on Instagram, it really does inspire me to workout so that I can at least look a little better. Best of all is she has a cute dog and who doesn’t like dog? Right? (if your answer is no, you are allowed to click X at one corner of your screen to quit this page right now).


Lua is a fashion blogger, here is a link to her blog. I first discovered her on Instagram as well and I have been following her for a really long time. I loved her hair so much and at one point I did my hair the exact same as hers but mine went so wrong so I only had it for a while. She still inspire me fashion wise and if you are a sort of person who always look for fashion inspiration, you don’t have to go anywhere else. Her account is all you will need that morning!


I first discovered her on Instagram and only followed her because I love her username and to add to that, her feed is also amazing. Clean but in colour theme. It’s pretty simple but creative. Until today, I never realised that she has a blog and here is a link to her blog. She blogs about food and who doesn’t love food? If you say no please get yourself to see the doctor asap!


An Instagram idol that has a feed and look that any girl can dream of. I could not remember exactly how I discovered her but it was definitely on through Instagram accounts. I was so happy that I discovered her and I love everything about her feed. She has such a nice hair and she did inspire me to keep my hair dark colour as it is so thanks to her my hair is not in any worst condition than it is already in. The contact lenses that she wear makes so look extremely stunning and every time she upload a picture, I cannot help but to click through her account and just admire so many pictures. She is by far my favourite.


Rachel Aust, a YouTuber who has her life together so together that I am extremely jealous of her life style because she is such a healthy person. She wakes up extremely early, she workout everyday, she eats healthy, she creates good content for YouTube, she has an amazing Instagram account and she is soooooo pretty. Her account is so minimalistic and if you watch her YouTube videos, she has a guide on how to turn minimalistic and trust me, I even have the list saved on my phone. I follow her because she inspire me!

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