Friday, 20 January 2017

My dream destinations

Hello! Hope you’ve had a lovely lazy weekend like I did! Of course, I wasn’t just being lazy for no reason, I was also working very hard in the past week with deadlines and assignments before the weekend so I could relax even though I was so ill but I was still motivated. Here is why and let me inspire you too.
Everyone have a dream, at the end of the day we are all human and have a passion and interest in life, we set targets for ourselves and if we reach it or not, it doesn’t matter, what matter is that we have tried our best to aim for it and we have all of our lives to get there. This is why I never stopped working or thinking about work even when I am ill because I know that my dream is waiting for me to reach it. One day, it won’t just be a dream, it will be the reality.
Ever since a young age, I’ve always loved the look on New York City, I seriously don’t even know why but I am so in love with the city lights and the way people live there. For me, I feel like it is the city of success. The city where people fall in love and all that jazz, for me it is New York, not Paris. I want to work there, working in my dream job, obviously in the media industry. I know is a far dream but what is stopping me, of course nothing apart from my thoughts of being extremely scared of reaching it. There is this one saying that I’ve read off one blog saying, “if a dream doesn’t scare you then it is not big enough” and I think it is right, this scares me but on the other hand, I am going to challenge myself to get there.
Before I moved to the UK, I lived in Malaysia all of my life and lived in Thailand for about 2 years waiting for my visa to be approved. When I moved to the UK I am very lucky to live about 30 minutes away train journey from London. I go there nearly every weekend when I was back at home before I came back to University. I am so in love with Oxford Street, Soho, Winter Wonderland, Big Ben, London Eye, and so many more destinations London has to offer. I want to work in London because that is where the professional industry is. Media is huge in London and I want this to be my starting point.
Moving on to talk about Berlin, a far far dream. I first learnt German in year 4 when I was studying at an International school in Penang, Malaysia. German was one challenging language for me. I learnt it then, knew the basics and forgotten it completely because I don’t speak German with anyone. It was a shame really because growing up, I had the opportunities to learn so many languages like Malay, Chinese, German, French, Spanish but as a child, I don’t know the use of it until I turned about 19 and see the good use of language. I wished I focus more. I want to live in Berlin because it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, for me anyways and I want to pick up a language just by living in the country. This way, I don’t have to rush myself and it will come naturally to me.
Now, let me tell you the reason why I have the scrapbook. In my scrapbook, I use it for everything. Personal use and the use for university to create a wireframe to make websites. Whenever I feel lazy, I just look at the scrapbooks I made of the cities I would like to live in, the sort of house I would like to live in and the sort of life I want to have and it automatically motivate me to do some work and stop being lazy because one day I know I will get there. If I don’t believe in myself, who will? Yes, it is far, it takes work to get there, not sleeping hours.
I hope this will somehow help motivate you as well because this is how I keep my motivation going! Have a lovely Monday and a good week ahead of you! Make it a challenging one and you will be one more step closer to your dream.

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