Friday, 20 January 2017

LDR happens, Back to Uni, October Shizzles

Hello everyone! Finally I can come back into blogging however I’m not too sure how much time I will be having for YouTube because I was only back at Uni for a week and I have been bombarded with work, literally so much work is unreal, and it will be due next month. Above that, I have to hunt for placement because I really want a placement year and also above that, I have a job which I work about three days a week so I can afford a broke student like I am currently living. That’s just an introduction to how busy life is currently.
LDR. It. Is. Shit. Basically Owen and I are now in a long distance relationship because he’s going back to University this year after this placement year which sucks but it’s only temporary. We are only going to be seeing each other once a month which sucks but we will mange. As I said, IT’S TEMPORARY, I say to myself. Okay moving on to other topics…
Back to University. Being back is good, I was looking forward to going back to University since the first day of work in the summer. I just felt like it feels wrong to not have work that needs to be done. But I have been back in Bournemouth for about a month now and since moving in, I only just had internet last Thursday which meant that I couldn’t do anything at all. No blogging, no Youtubing, no University work, no job hunting, nothing! Worst than that, I have been having a flu which turned into cough infection that got really worst last week but luckily I am recovering now. So I’m just trying to get my life back together.
Here is a reminder to self of what to do this month:
  • The Time Machine Assignment: My role is to be a producer so basically I have to look for actors and sort the documents out. I need to get on that although luckily I already have started some documentations.
  • Media & Fan Culture essay: I still need to get started asap otherwise I’ll be a mess and will graduate at the University of Bournemouth Mess At Life degree.
  • Job hunting: I am desperate for placement year. I need to clean my CV for Media that I have started over the summer.
  • Blog & YouTube: I need to figure out what to do with my Blog life and YouTube life when I’m busy! Perhaps plan contents ahead? But where is all the time?
I thought I had a lot more to remind myself to do but that seems like everything to me so far anyway. I hope to have come up with a lot more ideas but I seriously have to recover first. I shall catch up with y’all again soon! xo
Keep in touch xo ♡

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