Friday, 20 January 2017

Last day in Bournemouth

Over the weekend, I have been really busy going out celebrating an end of the academic year, seeing my friends, packing my bag to leave Bournemouth until next academic year. Here is the rundown of my busy weekend just because I feel like sharing the nice pictures with you all!


Friday night was the final day of my University life not that I had a lot going on that week apart from the presentation which I had on Monday and PAL training on Thursday and Friday of the same week. During that week, I spent the whole week catching up and seeing my friends! Pictures below is the result of Friday night.


Saturday was the day that I went to see Charlie and spent the rest of the day at the beach with my boyfriend. Here are some pictures I managed to capture. I wanted to cycle today too, however, I have thought about it a little bit too late and by time, the hire shop was already closed 🙁 we only had a walk by the beach for the whole evening instead!


On Sunday my boyfriend and I went to cycle by the beach whilst waiting for me to see my friends. Cycling felt so good because I have not done it in a while however, a lesson that I have learnt this time is that I should wear comfortable shorts if I ever needed to cycle again because denim shorts whilst cycling hurts my butt a lot… I did not save any of the pictures from bike riding because I really don’t know why however here are some pictures from when I was with my friends.
So this was my weekend and I’m so happy to say that my summer has finally started! However during the holidays as per usual, I like to work so that I do not have to work term time and can put my full effort into my education because obviously, my degree is important! This summer I am also planning to write CVs for placement because it has to start soon! I like to write my blog like how I would write my diary. I am happy about it, though. For those who still have exams to sit, good luck! and for those that are already starting their summer holiday, enjoy it 🙂
Keep in touch xo ♡

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