Friday, 20 January 2017

iPhone Applications I use daily 001

Without my phone, I am lost. 
This is my personal opinion. Would anybody else like to second that?
I really don’t know what I should do with my life without social media. I mean in the 21st Century, everything is pretty much on social media, even jobs, businesses and how we contact our family. From a very big big big big world into such a small world. Enough opinions and more on to what I use each social media for. Each of us may use it for different reasons but here are mine:

Facebook: I only use FaceBook because I live very far away from my family and having FaceBook has been really useful for me because I could call them via FaceBook call, chat, charing photos and tell them about what I’m doing or even what’s on my mind. FaceBook is pretty much my most used app other Instagram. This is my personal account only to contact friends who I went to school with and family that live abroad.
Twitter: I use twitter to connect with people who have the same interest as me. I share my blog posts, videos, and make the good use of hashtags. On to more personal side of my twitter,I follow sarcasm twitter accounts, on my rough days it just fills in the emptiness in there. You should try it too! They are very relatable and also very funny at the same time. I am very sure it has a high chance of making you more attracted to twitter day by day because it did that to me. If you haven’t followed me on twitter yet, here is my twitter link.
FaceBook page manager: Being a blogger and a youtuber is not easy but at the same time enjoyable. I sometimes cannot cramp all my personal life info and add all my followers so this app has always been helpful for me to keep in touch with all my followers. Either when I would like to make an announcement, share a new video, share a new blog post, share images through instagram or even what’s on my mind at times! If you haven’t liked my facebook page yet, please go and like it to be up to date with all news, facts and info. Link is here.
Snapchat: Snapchat used to just be for my friends but now they are also for my followers. I use it to share either videos or images any time I want to. This is pretty awesome because I feel like I am closer to my friends with this. They share their stories with me and I share my stories with them. If you would like to add me on snapchat my username is: @HelloBollianaxo
Tumblr: My Tumblr is purely for my inspirations and my idols. I just reblog any images that I think looks amazing because I always go on there after things on my instagram gets boring and I have pretty much liked all the pictures I had to on Instagram. Tumblr is not my final choice but it has so many amazing pictures. It is just like a scrapbook full of pictures but you will be using someone else’s pictures as well and there won’t be any copyright issues. If you haven’t followed my on Tumblr, hit that follow button. Go go go, link here.
Instagram: What would I do with life without instagram. Can I just be reborn when instagram exist, please? This is like the app where I follow my friends and family, sharing experiences in images wise rather than words and sobby status’ I follow many people I like on Instagram, I don’t know, I just feel like instagram is another portfolio but in pictures because if people are impressed by what you do then they will follow you. If you haven’t followed me already, here is my username: @bollianaxo
Bloglovin’: Last but not least, as a blogger, I don’t just write blog posts week by week but I also follow other people which are my favourite bloggers. If you connect your blog to this app, whenever you have a new blog post it will notify your followers so go ahead, if you are a blogger, create one and follow me. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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