Friday, 20 January 2017

I'm not ready for this

I will be turning twenty and this has led me to think about how fast time has flown by even though I have only just started to think about this in May 2015. I used to be a person who fears too many things but now I am gotten rid of most of my fears because of one thing I have in mind. I have always been thinking, “If I was too busy fearing, I am missing out way too much in life,”
I used to fear height, now I am just all about being on crazy adventures, going on crazy rides which hopefully I can go with my friends this summer if I manage to get some days off work. One of my dreams is to go skydiving. This sounds crazy but this will happen once I graduate.
I have been an extremely fussy eater all my life and since I was with Jeannie, I tried so many new foods. Way more variety of food than I’ve ever tried over many years in total. I was very pleased with myself because from trying all these new things, it made me realised how much I am actually missing in life just by being a fussitarian. Fussitarian is a term I came up with for being a very fussy eater.
Those were my major changes so far which I managed to change before I turn twenty and miss out on more. With about a week from now and I don’t see anything else that I really want to challenge myself with because those were the major changes that I have already made. Otherwise I don’t think there is anything else.
However, I came across my own behaviour, which I sometimes dislike it myself and at the same time I could not help it. I am a very loud speaker. I have to try to control my tone of voice and try to speak slower so that people will understand what I am trying to say to them. These are the only things I would like to change and hopefully I will manage before New Year into 2016 because if I could change this in life, I consider one life task being done because being in control of my own mind and body is very important.
Anyway, this is me just ranting on about what I would like to be able to change when I turn twenty, moving into a young adult, I must start acting like an adult and those points are the points that I have spotted from my con behaviour and would like to change that to be a better me.

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