Friday, 20 January 2017

I’m lost without… + Giveaway FT. CaseApp [CLOSED]

Happy Monday everyone! I cannot believe that everything is going by so fast and it is already coming towards the end of July, well, soon. However I have one exciting news for you! In this blog post I will be collaborating with Case App. Case App is a brand that makes Mobile Phones/ Macbook/ iPad skins, and etc. You can either design your own thing or you can use their ready made design (which is what I have done). If you are interested you ca check their web site out and I have a 20% off code for you too, BOLLIANAXO20 (The code will be valid until the 19th August). So the title of this post, why is this called I’m lost without? Here is your answer…
As being the most forgetful person on this planet, I always need to have a notebook on me so I can write down my ideas or things I need to do on my days off. Phones sometimes run out of battery but with a notebook I’ll always feel safe because I don’t always have to keep one thing at the top of my head. Being a blogger and YouTuber and a daydreamer, I think too much about things and sometimes that thing can be a good idea and I can write it down. So this part is for why the notebook is in the picture.
Next, we have a MacBook. Why? Well I mean as  blogger, student, YouTuber, and a human in the 21st Century, I think having a Laptop is very important because everything is on the internet nowadays. I also take my Macbook to University sometimes and I always get embarrassed about how dirty the front of my Macbook is. I now have this beauty from Case App to cover it up which makes my laptop as beautiful as my life, jokes lol, I think at this stage my laptop case is more prettier than my life. I also blog and edit on my Macbook.
Last but not least, my phone, I know it is an iPhone5 but it still does its job perfectly. I won’t be getting a new phone until this is completely broken and will not turn on anymore. About the marks and scars due to the age of the phone, Case App phone case is the knight in a shining armour protecting it and hopefully guarding it from being broken. Having a phone case is really important to me because a mobile phone is just like another accessory. Just imagine this, when someone take their phone out we judge, say if they have pokémon phone case then we know straight away that they are pokémon lover. Your phone case also have a part in portraying who you are and what you like!
Head over to Case App‘s website to check out their products and don’t forget I have a 20% off code for you. If you need a knight in shining armour for your phone, don’t forget to check them out!
P.S This is an international giveaway & good luck!
Terms and conditions of this giveaway
  1. This terms and conditions only apply to this giveaway and entrants of this competition must agree to it.
  2. This competition is run by Case App which is hosted on Bollianaxo Student Lifestyle Blog.
  3. This prize cannot be exchanged for cash.
  4. This giveaway is worldwide; Bollianaxo Student Lifestyle Blog is only responsible for telling who the winner is and not responsible after announcing the winner. Case App will e-mail the code to the winner to claim the prize for this giveaway.
  5. This giveaway will start on the 01/08/2016 12am and will end at 31/08/2016 12am (GMT).
  6. Bollianaxo Student Lifestyle Blog have the right to amend terms and conditions any time and entrants will have to agree to new terms and conditions.
  7. Bollianaxo Student Lifestyle Blog have the right to end this giveaway any time without any notice.
* This post is kindly sponsored by CaseApp.
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