Friday, 20 January 2017

HOW TO: Meaningful Valentine's Day

Hello, everyone! Valentine’s Day is only just around the corner, well, for those who are in a relationship, if you are still worrying about what to do, why not try what I am doing because I was so busy and wasn’t able to plan anything special but somehow this will turn it into a special one.
Cook at home
When we are in a relationship, going out with a boyfriend/girlfriend is like a normal thing or even ordering a takeaway because both of you just feel like staying in and watching Netflix. Why not try to search for some special recipe that you can try to cook for the person you love especially just for this occasion. Not only will you get a nice lovely food cooked by you for your lover but you will also save money and will be able to have the atmosphere what you prefer such as candle lights. Both of you can work on it together rather than maybe going out and expecting the other person to pay?
As a University student, I am always on budget and trust me my friends, it sucks. I sometimes see nice things that I want to buy for my best friend, boyfriend, or myself but I couldn’t because I am on a budget. Always remember that this is just another occasion but if you want to give someone something then you should just give them any day of the year and should not just limit it to one day. If you cannot afford one then try the other present because it is about the thoughts.
Anyway, I am done being your grandmother about Valentine’s Day right now so I am going to leave you to make the decision yourself. I am sure it will be amazing.

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