Friday, 20 January 2017

How to be a DIVA at life

For me, the word Diva itself means successful and can have whatever they want with their own ability.
According to urban dictionary, a true diva will do anything to get what she wants. She is not a trick ass hoe and does not sweat the haters.
Of course, I only picked up the positive ones rather than the ones full of hatred which said things like, “A bitchy woman who has to have whatever she wants or no way at all. Spoiled, selfish, and overly dramatic,” nope, let’s not talk about this sort of Diva shall we. We shall only talk about how to live a Diva life that will make life very positive. Live life as it should be, get things with your own ability and does everything for the right reason.
I am not a self proclaimed Diva however I am a self proclaimed Queen because of my love for Queen B and Rihanna. They are my inspiration. Why is this? BeyoncĂ© is also known as a Diva because she started off just as a normal person now being the most well known woman in the world managed to look after her family under her own feet. That is what I call a true inspiration. Rihanna, we all know about her relationship with Chris Brown yet there are so many news about her and how she dresses up, surprisingly even more than how badly Chris Brown has been treating her over their relationship. Even if you haven’t heard all of it, surely you must have at least heard something on it so that is just the basic. What I am trying to say is a person like her moves on from the guy she really loves and lives her life the way she desires, looks after her family and does what is best for her career. I mean what is media industry now without reputation? She only does everything to get what she wants and that is what I respect. A true Diva these two Queens are.
I am not a master at this topic however I decided to write on this topic because my friends call me it so I was wondering why they did and so I questioned them.
1. Know your future and know how to get it with your own ability. Even if it takes for you to sleep less. Eat less. Whatever less. People bitch more about you. Less friends but keep the good ones because the real friends are the ones that understand you and both your future and knows that you will have to do something to get there.
2. When I say people bitch about you, of course you will expect that but remember to always look at it in a positive way. There will always be people we love and hate however don’t show them that you hate them. One in a hundred is completely fine if you cannot stand their face or personality but don’t make it everyone because you will never know that you will need them in the future. You can dislike them but keep the distance rather than losing contact.
3. Be reasonable with what you say. Make sure that you know what you tell people and what you say to people is valid, this is the quality in yourself. The advise you give people work on you because they will only cal you nothing but a hypocrite.
4. When you meet people, make sure they are aware of what your aim is. Know the limit and inform them the limit because some people are not as smart as you think. Of course don’t be rude about it but make sure they are aware so they would not go over the boundaries and then you get angry for no heck reason. If you don’t inform them then they will not know so you cannot blame them but if you were to fire at them because they know and they did it then it is completely fine!
5. Be open minded. Be open and positive about all the opportunities that comes at you. What is the point of looking at things in a negative way? It will only cause you stress and stress cause you no good in life but pain that will stay there for as long as you think about it.
6. Most importantly, help you friends and people around you. Friends are the group of people who will be around you all your life and this is why I choose my groups of friends. I know I can trust them all and if whatever happens, I know for sure they can help me. I talk to everyone but I also have close friends where I know even if I don’t talk to them for a year and a half, I can still call them and talk to them like it was yesterday. They understand that you are busy and have to keep things going to reach your future goals. This is the types of friends I like to keep.
To be honest with you there are probably more points but this is what I live by and how I view things from my point of view. It will be helpful for some and not for some but for me, it has boosted my confidence a million times more. I used to be a very shy person but now I am just like whatever comes about, I will see it as an opportunity and will be good for my cv for when I apply for any jobs! – A diva always know what they want and how to get it. The more experience you have the more likely a job is going to accept you đŸ˜‰ Also don’t forget to link each job to another with the skills you had.
Care less and do more!

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