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I have never been nominated for any blog awards or blog posts before and I feel so happy to be nominated for one, the ‘Liebster Award 2016’. I would like to thank Nana from Arraday blog for nominating me. This makes me feel like I am actually stepping into the world of blogging community more now so if you haven’t checked her awesome blog out yet make sure that you do!
I really like the idea of Liebster Award because this way, bloggers get to share other blogs that they know and it is a kind way of promoting other bloggers with 2000 followers or less.

What do you love most about yourself?
How I always try my best with everything even if this means that I get no rest I will still get things done. Although this may seem bad to some that I hardly get any rest, I am just another girl working for my future.

What is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for you?
My boyfriend being there for me at 2am when I trapped my fingers between the car’s door. He paid for a taxi so I get to the hospital on time and he waited until 9am with me.

What is one of the nicest things you’ve ever done for anyone? How did you feel?
Gave 2 homeless men one meal each, starter, dinner, and a drink. I felt so happy that two less men are starving.

What is your all-time favourite song, and why?
Year 3000? I can just sing along to it hahaha.

What is the most daring or craziest thing you’ve ever done?
About 2 years ago in Winter Wonderland. I am very afraid of fall and still am. After coming off a really dizzy ride and can hardly walk straight, my colleague bought a ticket for me to go on this ride where it goes up so high a spin 360 and I was dying. It was such a good feeling coming down. I would never do that again… and then I did something stupid. My friend asked me to go up this 13 metres tall ride that goes up and down that its top speed and I could see the view of London, it was so beautiful!

When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt and tears came out?
Very recently. My boyfriend came to visit me in Bournemouth and planned to go back to his University on Sunday so about an hour before he has to leave all his trains doesn’t exist. I laughed so hard because he stupidly booked on the wrong day but I feel so happy to have him for another day.

Who is your favourite teacher, and why? (could be anyone, not just teachers in school)
My favourite teacher has been Mr Alan S who was my teacher when I was at a boarding school in Thailand. He was the only person who understand all my situations and everything that I go through.

What do you think happens after death?
I’m not too sure to be very honest. I question this quite a lot but based on everything everything that I have read and learnt about life after death or heard about, I don’t think I trust any of it at all…

In your opinion, how does a girl respect her own body?
A girl respecting her body to me is her doing what she wants with her own body and that thought is not based on what others has to say or what others has to think.

What is a book you read that changed you or made a big impact on your life? (or your fave book) 
15 secrets successful people know about time management. After reading this book, I manage to fit everything that matters to me into my day and my time management skills has improved quite a lot. Let’s say I am not afraid of the work load because I know it will get done in no time.

What is your most precious memory?
The last time I went to Thailand. If i remember correctly it was 2010 and my grandfather picked me up from the airport. He was just waiting for me at the gate and I went to hug him. I could see it in his face that he was waiting for me to go back and was so happy to see me. Sadly towards the end of my trip he past away.
Questions I would like to ask people that I have tagged
  • How do you define happiness
  • What is the best thing on your bucket list
  • If you have to drop one thing down from your bucket list what would it be
  • If you can spend one day doing absolutely what you want to do, what would you do
  • What are you most proud of yourself about
  • If you can be someone for a day, who do you want to be and why
  • Tell me one joke that made you laugh so much you can’t stop
  • If you have to have one dish for dinner for a year, what would you choose and why
  • Last person you texted and what did you say
  • Read this before you do it. Go to your contact list, close your eyes, scroll up and down your contact list and stop and one contact without opening your eyes, once you’ve chose one, open your eyes, call that person and compliment one thing about them, tell me their reaction to your compliment 🙂
People I tag
Charlotte from Charlotte Writes
Cara from British Mermaid
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