Friday, 20 January 2017

Hola Summer Holiday

So the exact time now is 01.47am as I started writing this blog post. Yesterday (Monday) was my last day of University, actually, I should have finished last Friday however because of my presentation, I finished yesterday instead. I actually planned to post this welcoming myself back to blogging post yesterday, hallelujah to the end of the semester, however, I did not have the best day yesterday because of the presentation but now I am already over the sadness so I am back to blogging at this time; that is after 5 hours nap after a hell of a lot of food and YouTube videos.  Okay, so where have I been? So, I have stopped blogging about a month ago and that is due to me focusing on finalising up my assignments which are really important to me because as you may know if you’re students then it is an exam & assignment season. I have come to the end of mine, now I’m back blogging! Woo!
Being back to blogging feels good however yesterday when I tried blogging before my presentation it feels weird to be back on camera again. I could not get the words right when I was watching back to the videos it did not make any sense, I cannot phrase things correctly so the plan is to start again tomorrow. Hopefully, I will feel better after everything.
Here is the plan now that I am done with my assignments and I will be moving out of my Uni house and I have to store my things at home and I will be at my boyfriend’s house, I think I will only be doing weekly vlogs because I have to store my things at my own house which I will be back in July and in July, I will be working mostly so right now I’m not in a stable situation. I will mostly be spending a lot of time writing CVs to send off to jobs for my second-year job at University because I will be so busy in July.
To be honest, though, being back to blogging and youtube and everything feels good however sometime in June I will be receiving my feedback for each assignment which will either be good or bad and my overall year feedback on my Birthday, yey me. See you again sometime this week! 🙂
P.s If you’re wondering why I have used that very first picture with a book called ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ that’s because I will be ready that book this summer and also I haven’t been out to take a lot of pictures so it’s my lazy way out 😉
Keep in touch xo ♡

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