Friday, 20 January 2017

Hello Bournemouth

Earlier this year my mind was all over the place not knowing which University I should go for and where I will be living for the next three to four years of my life when moving to University. I was in the same position as any other students around the UK waiting for offers from Universities that that I applied for, by this time last year I have received an interview date from all the Universities that was on my list. I was happy because all the Universities that I applied for have accepted me and I receive all my offers about March 2014. I was panicking as I did not know what to do. Moving away from a City that I have always lived in for the past 10 years of my life is a tough thing because it already felt like home there. By June I have declined my other offers and accepted Bournemouth University as my first choice as it is the only University that does my course differently from others. It has Broadcast, Print and Online Journalism whereas other Universities only give one option. I decided to aim for what I could get more out my my time at University.
My first time in Bournemouth was only for the University interview and the only journey I made was from the train station to University and there is a direct bus so I did not have the chance to explore much of Bournemouth. Once I accepted the offer my parents were worried that I will not have any job or friends around here so they took me to Bournemouth in June during my summer holiday and the first time for the proper visit made me felt really excited to move to Bournemouth as bad as I was counting down the days that I will be moving to Bournemouth.
Because we had a road journey from the outskirt of London, it was extremely long journey for about four hours drive but along our journey, the view was so beautiful and we had a picnic along the way too. Just another way for saving some money and also more fun because there is nothing worst than not liking the food along the journey. Luckily the day was nice and sunny so the journey was extremely worth it.
Now that I am in Bournemouth studying Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University, life has changed for me. I used to be a girl in the city where I study day time, work night time, and shop on my days off. I had to change the way I live here but I am not quite used to it yet at the moment. Studying the course is fun but yet challenging because I also have a job where I have to work at night and by the time I get back home I will be extremely exhausted. I also study more and work less which means that I have to budget myself. I am also lucky that I meet extremely good friends and the best thing is that they are from London too. I also met Thai people here which showed me around the town and makes me feel like Bournemouth is another place where I can call home.

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