Friday, 20 January 2017

Happy 2016

Happy New Year everyone! The first thing that I hope will not happen is me writing on the top of my lecture note “2015” rather than “2016,” trust me, it happens every year and it takes a while to get used to that 2016. I will try my best not to make this post too stereotypical resolution post, I will write what my aims are instead in 2016. Things that I think I can make possible, it is just a matter of me controlling my own my rather than my own mind controlling me.
  1. Eat healthy, I think all of us have this one but I am a sort of girl who does not eat vegetables at all and does not eat on time. I am also a massive fan of chocolate. So I am going to solve this problem by eating on time and the right portion size rather than a portion size I desire. I will try to count the calorie intake on a daily basis as well because in 2015, my goal was to lose weight but I did nothing to actually lose weight but instead, I did everything to gain weight! How irony.
  2. Wake up early, Honestly though, as a university student, this seems like the most impossible mission on a planet and I respect those who could have an early night and and early morning. I need to start doing that for my own health so I can eat on time and have a normal day where I schedule my working time and my break times. This way, I can work on my life and my university work.
  3. Exercise, I know, another stereotypical here where during the New Year, I join the gym but it is not like that for me. I noticed I gained weight because I came home over the Christmas Holiday and I could not fit into my boyfriend Jeans that I bought in the summer. When I bought it in the summer, I had to wear it with a belt, now I don’t need a belt because I cannot even fit into it. So I am joining the gym.
  4. Schedule my day, Like any other bloggers who are so organised, I have been reading so many blogs and they schedule their day and life so well so I need to start doing that to get my life out of the hot mess situation I am in.
  5. Blogging and YouTubing, I do not know how often this is going to be but I will try my best to come up with contents to upload and plan things ahead so that my blog is up to date. I also need to be more active with social media. I mean compared to all of my friends that I know, I am called the “queen” of social media. I should make a good use of that title and be more active on social media.
  6. Be positive, I am a person who always have always planned things in advance, in fact, I have my plan A, plan B and plan C. I always make sure that my plan A will work so I can stop worrying but there is something on my mind that always think I will not make it. I need to look at things in a more positive way. I will not stop with my backup plans however I need to stop worrying about things that did not happen.
These are all I can think of so far. Those are mostly life and personality factors but it is very important that we get those right in life. Everyone have have goals in life and to succeed it, you will need to know what to do to get to where you want to be. Part of that is to work hard on the right things but also give yourself a break. First post of 2016, what is your New Year’s resolution?

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