Friday, 20 January 2017

Getting back on track

Happy Wednesday everyone! First week back at Uni and  am already on it. I realised I have so much work to catch up on considering my injury with my finger that had me doing nothing for the two weeks of the holiday. So just a summary, Sunday I came back home and I was so tired, unpacked everything, sorted out my to-do list, sorted out the flower that my loveliest boyfriend sent me through the post (picture above), and now I am kinda back on track with Uni work. Everyday of this week I have early days 5 days this week, loving my life!
I did not have a video for YouTube last week and I don’t think that I will have one for this week as well because there is a bit of work to catch up on once my finger gets better. But for blogging, it will continue because it does not consume that much time.
If you follow me on Instagram you probably have already seen this but this was from Tuesday 9am lecture that I was suffering in because I only had 4.5 hours sleep because the atmosphere in my bedroom is so bad! Any how, getting back to my work so will catch up soon and if you want to follow me on social media links are on the side and below!
Keep in touch xo ♡

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